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01 Is QuickBooks complicated?

No, it isn’t complicated but; like most software programs, there is a lot to remember & the easiest way to correctly learn it, is with a patient & knowledgeable teacher.

02 I'm thinking about going to a QuickBooks training. Is that a good idea?

If you go to the standard QuickBooks training, they will not only teach the basics but; will teach about sales tax, payroll, inventory, and more. Do you need to learn all those areas? PCI provides customized training, so you will learn the areas of QuickBooks, that apply specifically to you & your company situation. Also, you won’t be in a class of students, where you might be intimidated to ask questions.

03 Can I customize sales forms in QuickBooks?

Yes, there is customization of estimates, invoices, & sales receipts.

04 Can I take a picture of expense receipts?

Yes, with the free QuickBooks Mobile app; snapping a picture of sales receipts, will bring it into QBO, where it can be categorized & saved.

05 Can I get a discount on QuickBooks Online?

if you don’t currently have QBO; PCI is able to offer a discount on both QBO & QBO Payroll.

06 Can I invoice my customer/client, while I am at their location?

With QBO, you can create an invoice on any mobile device. If you have QuickBooks Payment Solutions, you can receive payment while with the customer/client or they can make payment from the invoice that has been emailed to them.

07 I would like to pay contractors with by direct deposit. Is that possible?

For a very low monthly fee or with a QBO Payroll Subscription, you can do that.

08 What if QuickBooks can't do some of the things my company needs to accomplish?

There are over 500 apps that synchronize with QuickBooks, so whether you need CRM, more sophisticated Inventory, or some other specialty software; there are a lot of options & they come with a free trial.

09 What are some of the ways, that QuickBooks will make bookkeeping easier?

Bank Feeds will automatically download bank & credit card transactions every night. Rules for downloaded transactions will automatically categorize transactions. QuickBooks Payment Solutions automates the matching of payments to invoices & enables the customer/client to pay 24/7 365 from their mobile device or computer.

10 How can QuickBooks help me make good financial decisions?

When data is entered in a timely manner; accurate reports can give direction for cash flow, whether sales & expenses are moving in the right direction, and what your assets & liabilities are.

11 What other tool in QuickBooks can help guide me?

A budget will enable you to see your actual income & expenses versus the budgeted amounts, so you will know if you are “on track”.

12 Is it difficult to create reports?

Once the data has been entered, you can select what date range (for reports like the Profit & Loss) or single date (like the balance sheet) and choose other customizations to see the report information.

13 Can I see comparison reports?

You can customize a Profit & Loss Report, so you can compare this year-to-date versus the same period last year. Or this quarter compared to last quarter. And you can see a percentage or dollar amount difference, if you choose to.

14 Will QuickBooks calculate sales taxes?

Yes, once set up, it will calculate the sales taxes from invoices & sales receipts, for each tax agency.

15 There are 5 people, who need to use QuickBooks & we are in different locations. Is that a problem?

No QBO Plus enable 5 users to all see real time information & make entries, anywhere with Internet access.

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