QuickBooks installation, training, and support

“In working with Glenn for nearly 10 years, he has become the first and only QuickBooks ProAdvisor that I recommend to my clients for QuickBooks installations, staff training, and consulting. Glenn is intelligent and analytical, with a very deep knowledge and understanding of QuickBooks products, and has been proactive in introducing new products and features of the software to me and my clients. More importantly, his warm and engaging personality immediately puts people at ease and allows for open communication and great results; he has an innate ability to instruct and educate in a positive and supportive manner, and never makes me or my clients feel foolish or dumb. Glenn is a technically qualified and personally gifted professional that I highly recommend.”

The above recommendation was given to me by a CPA, as posted on Glenn’s Certified ProAdvisor Profile on the QuickBooks’ website.


“Glenn came to my company after being referred by my accountant. I had had another Quickbooks specialist for the previous 5 years who came monthly to review my books and do month-end adjustments… I felt like my records were in good shape but never felt I had a good grasp of Quickbooks or even my own accounting process. Glenn immediately started answering my questions and started showing me how to do a lot of the things that the previous fellow wouldn’t. Within a month or 2 He had me doing everything on my own and now comes quarterly. Glenn has always been available to answer questions both during our scheduled appointments and at other times. He has seemed to go out of his way to modify Quickbooks to suit my needs or to search for other products to supplement. I would not hesitate to recommend Glenn Perlinger to any one looking for help with Quickbooks.”

The recommendation above is a duplicate of  one posted on Glenn’s Certified ProAdvisor Profile on the QuickBooks’ website.


“I’ve told numerous people that I was so impressed with [Glenn’s] patience and common sense approach to teaching this program.  [Glenn] never acted like my questions were dumb or obvious (even though they occasionally were!).  I love working with this program and much of it is thanks to [Glenn]!”

Becky M, Accountant


EMI Marketing

“We have utilized the services of PCI since 1998 and know Glenn as not only a professional in his field of expertise, but also as a man of conviction and principle. I would highly recommend PCI to anyone.”

Larry Giuliani, President of Cornerstone Security


“I have used the services of PCI for the last year to help me set up and maintain my QuickBooks accounts.  I want to say that they have been very friendly, helpful and wonderful to work with.  I have continued to rely on their support to keep my accounts in good shape.  Their teaching has really helped me to use QuickBooks much more efficiently in my job.”

Jeanie Hutton, Parish Administrator of ACTS Church


“Very easy to work with. Set up my business software so it was right from the beginning.”

Rod F, Managing Director of Petrus Properties

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