My Employee was Stealing from Me!

This story of an employee secretly stealing money came about when I was contacted by a national carpet cleaning company. I was asked if I could come in and provide training to managers of the franchises at the corporate office. I provided training to roughly 12 managers.

 Soon after, I was contacted by one of the managers asking if I could provide her with some individual training. When the training was completed I decided to use their company to clean the carpets in my home.

When the technician arrived to clean the carpet, I was asked if I knew what had happened at their office? He proceeded to inform me that as a result of the training that I had given to the manager, she was able to determine that an employee was stealing from the company!

This employee was scheduling appointments and also calling clients after the work had been done and telling them that the payment had to be made in cash. He would then come over to pick up the payment in person. He was also changing invoice numbers in an attempt to cover up the details of the theft.

Fortunately, thanks to the some extra training and a quick thinking manager the theft was discovered.

Just another exciting day in the life of a bookkeeper……………

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