My CPA Did Not Pay My Taxes…

One of the most important aspects of consulting, training and bookkeeping is showing our clients, through our actions, that they can trust we’re going to keep their information confidential and be honest about the work that we complete. We also enable our clients to make well informed decisions, keeping their business on track by providing current data.

I had a client who had the opposite experience prior to using our services. He had a CPA who was handling his payroll. The CPA was telling the client that taxes were being paid, they had no idea that he was actually embezzling the money.

The CPA went to jail; however, the IRS held the client responsible for the payment of the missing payroll taxes!

I fully understand the responsibility that I have to my clients and take my position of trust very seriously. I make it a point to inform my clients how to read the QuickBooks reports so that they can see for themselves that payments, like payroll tax, are being made. Clients should be confident that the work they believe is being done is actually being done.

It is of the utmost importance to me that my bookkeepers are people who can be trusted. The work they do is accurate and of the highest quality. I want clients to know that we are here to help and support them.  We come alongside them so that they can concentrate on running their small business quickly and efficiently because we are taking care of the financial side.

Unfortunately, my story is not an isolated incident. For another accounting horror story check out this link:

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