Why Are You Holding My Account Hostage?

While I was at a QuickBooks national conference in San Jose, CA, in between seminars, I received a voicemail. Immediately noticing that it was a very long voicemail, I couldn’t understand why my new client would be leaving such a long message as we had not had the chance to discuss her needs and how Perlinger Consulting could meet them.

When I listened to her distraught message, I found out that she was trying to part ways with her current accountant. The firm had secretly placed her QuickBooks online file in the bookkeeper’s company name instead of the clients.

 Unfortunately, when the client tried to separate from the bookkeeper they told her that her file would remain in their possession unless she paid $1,000.00!

 I was able to contact QuickBooks tech support at the conference and explain the situation to them. I then put the client on the phone and after some time and some paperwork, they were able to resolve the issue so that the client got her QuickBooks online file without spending any money.

Your files are just that, your files! They should never be put into the name your accountants’ firm. Files are your property and should remain that way. Trying to hold a clients finances hostage and extort additional funds is wrong and unethical.

As a small business owner it is imperative that you know who you are doing business with. That goes double for knowing the integrity and skill set of your bookkeeper.

For additional Horror Stories see the video from Dave Ramsey’s website, his client has a story of their own!


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