Can Quickbooks Do That?


Capture and Categorize Receipts with My Cell Phone?
Say bye bye to Mr. Shoebox. We know that you two have been together for quite a while. What seemed like a good way to keep all of your business receipts together never ended up being as convenient as you had hoped…..
Say hello to an easy and convenient way of storing your receipts:
You can use the QuickBooks Online mobile app for iOS and Android to capture and upload receipt images from your phone.
1. Open the QuickBooks Online mobile app.
2. Tap the Menu ≡ icon.
3. Tap Receipt snap.
4. Tap the camera icon and snap a photo of your receipt.
5. Tap Done.
QuickBooks starts a transaction for you based on the captured info. All you have to do is categorize it.
Five easy steps and you are done. Don’t worry, Mr. Shoebox will like being a dinosaur diorama for your kids second grade class project even better!
Let Perlinger Consulting help you with all of your bookkeeping challenges. It’s what we do best.

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