Interact with QuickBooks from any device that connects to the Internet

The Levion connector makes communication between Levion and PC versions of QuickBooks possible. Their full, two way, real time integration makes it possible for your whole business team to collaborate easily and effectively every day. Once communication is enabled, you can access Levion on any device that connects to the internet.

Installing the Levion connector is an easy and painless process that sets up access to Levion on the rest of your devices. Simply download the connector on the computer you use to run QuickBooks.

Invoicing, payments, purchase orders, bills, time tracking, notes, tasks – all synchronized in seconds. Levion’s sync and connection processes is designed with security in mind. Their SSL (Secure Socket Link) protocols are the same ones used by major banks.

Levion is just starting out and they are still building up their system. Right now, Levion can perform many QuickBooks functions and has CRM capabilities.

During their building phase, all Levion accounts of any size will be free. (Throughout their building phase, they will introduce optional features for additional charges.)

Click here to see more information about Levion and/or to download the connector.


Perlinger Consulting, Inc., is a firm that provides QuickBooks® Consulting and Training services to small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries. It is owned and operated by Glenn Perlinger, a QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisor. Glenn has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems Management from Colorado Christian University.

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