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At the beginning of the month I talked about the necessity of creating a .qbb file (the QuickBooks Backup file). If you have a backup system that only makes a copy of your .qbw (QuickBooks working file) there is a greater possibility of data corruption in that file than in an actual QuickBooks Backup file. When making a QuickBooks Backup file, you are given the option to perform a “full verification” of the data integrity. This verification process can resolve some of the small issues with the data and if it detects a more significant problem, you will receive a message informing you to “Rebuild the data file”. If you only save your .qbw file, you will not receive the benefit of the verification process unless you manually run it.

How often should you backup? If you don’t backup tonight, you come into the office tomorrow and all of the data you entered today is gone, how upset would you be? Would you even be able to reconstruct all the data that you entered? QuickBooks can be set to automatically backup every time you close the file.

Although saving a .qbb file to an external hard drive is a good practice, it is an even better practice to save online to a remote server. The companies that provide online backup services normally have redundant servers so that your files are not only saved, but they are on at least 2 servers. Saving offsite also prevents loss due to fire, flood, theft, and other unforeseen disasters.

There are a lot of options to consider before choosing an online backup system. I’m not able to recommend the Intuit Data Protect System at this time. However, this site provides comparisons between what it calls the “The Best 10 Online Backup” and gives you comparisons in features, support, platforms supported, prices and reviews. The cost is low, the peace of mind is well worth the money, and value of not losing even one day’s work of data, let alone weeks or months – Yep, it’s priceless!!!



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