Intuit Brainstorm

Intuit Brainstorm is a Web-based tool that gives employees a way to share, experiment and collaborate on new ideas through online crowdsourcing.  Initially developed to spur innovation within Intuit, Intuit Brainstorm enables employees to post ideas for others to see.  Other employees can then add their perspective and build on the idea. The process continues as ideas are refined and often become a new product or service.

Brainstorm has also helped companies such as Vistaprint and General Electric. Todd Dunn, General Electric operations director said, “Brainstorm had an immediate effect. Within a few weeks, we had seven significant ideas, two of which are driving rapid prototyping that will lead to positive customer impact.”

Starting today, Brainstorm is available for a 30-day free trial to help companies innovate and find that next big idea. After the trial, monthly pricing starts at $5 per user, with a $500 per month minimum.

Click here to see a 2 minute video and additional information.


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